Dilworth Neighborhood Grille is locally owned and operated by Norm Randall and Matt Wohlfarth.

We opened Dilworth Neighborhood Grille in the Historic Cavalaris Village located on East Morehead Street in Charlotte, NC in 2004. What started as an idea for a small family restaurant/bar quickly became a hot gathering spot for all things Charlotte. Our unique space allows us to host multiple, large events in addition to our everyday lunch and dining hours.

Not be lost was the effort to create memorable dishes at affordable pricing. We combined our culinary backgrounds and likings, guests input, and staff recommendations, then applied to our newest menu.

With the ever popular Build Your Own Salad combined with 7 homemade dressings, fresh produce is brought in almost daily! We also focused our attention on our signature Spiedies, an upstate New York favorite. We now offer Chicken and Steak Spiedies that are as close to the old Endicott way as you can get. Tacos became an amazing addition with Spicy Shrimp and Carne Asada Tacos becoming a fast favorite! Our BBQ stands up to the rest as we slow roast our Pulled Pork and Full Rack Ribs over 12 hours. Some say, when in the South do as the South does. Our Grilled Salmon is the perfect dish for the more healthy conscience. Grilled to perfection, every time. This is just a hint of the great items on our menu. We hope you enjoy!

We also take great pride in our civil obedience and commitments by partnering with over dozens of local non-profit organizations and charities that work so hard to better our community. We always have an open ear as to how we can help through donations, event space for fundraisers, or hands on help!

From lunch meetings to family dinners, breakfast presentations to birthday parties, rehearsal dinners to game watches, and everything in between; Dilworth Grille has always been a popular venue.

We hope to see you soon so that we can say, “Welcome to the Neighborhood!”